Understanding Vivint’s Credit Score Requirements for Home Security Services

Vivint is a big name in home security. They provide packages that cover security and automation. Before you get started, know that your credit score matters a lot for Vivint’s services.

For Vivint, you’ll need at least a 600 credit score. This is for their FlexPay option, which lets you pay off the equipment over time. If you pay for everything upfront, they won’t check your credit.

It’s key to remember that your requirements might vary. Even if you don’t have a 600 credit score now, it’s smart to talk to Vivint’s team. They could offer you a customized solution.

Key Takeaways:

  • The minimum credit score requirement for Vivint’s home security services is 600.
  • A credit check is necessary if you choose the FlexPay option to finance your equipment costs.
  • No credit check is required if you decide to purchase the equipment upfront.
  • Individual circumstances may influence Vivint’s credit score requirements.
  • Contact Vivint for a personalized assessment even if you don’t meet the minimum credit score requirement.

Vivint’s Pricing and Contract Options

When you’re looking at a home security system, the cost and terms are key. Vivint has various plans for different budgets and security needs.


Vivint offers three levels of constant security monitoring to keep your home safe. Prices for these start at $29.99 up to $49.99 per month. You can pick the level that suits you most.

Know that the equipment cost is not included in these prices. But, there’s a way to pay for the gear over three to five years with FlexPay.

vivint pricing

“We wanted a security system that fit our budget, and Vivint surprised us with their range of pricing options. We found a package that met our needs without breaking the bank.” – Sarah, Vivint customer

Contract Options

If you finance your system, you’ll be under contract with Vivint for 42 or 60 months. They call this the FlexPay. It lets you pay off your system over time.

But, if you buy everything right away, you get to pick a month-to-month plan. This gives you more freedom without a long contract.

Cancellation Policy

It’s a must to fully understand Vivint’s cancellation rules before you sign up. These can change based on where you are. So, make sure you know what you’re agreeing to.

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Even with its great security, always consider the cost, contract choices, and how canceling works. It needs to fit what you’re looking for.

Vivint’s Equipment and Features

Vivint offers high-tech equipment and features for security and automation. Their aim is to give you total control and peace of mind for your home and family.

The Vivint Smart Hub is a standout feature of Vivint’s system. This control panel lets you easily manage security and automation devices. You can arm or disarm, adjust thermostat settings, and control lights with a simple touch.

Vivint knows every corner of home security is vital. They provide a broad range of devices like sensors, cameras, and a doorbell camera. These gadgets detect suspicious actions and alert you in real-time via their app.

Vivint also offers smart thermostats for advanced automation. These let you control your home’s temperature from afar. It boosts comfort, saves energy, and cuts utility bills.

Vivint works well with top voice platforms like Amazon Echo and Google Home. This lets you give simple voice commands for system control, making life more convenient.

Vivint lets you manage your system in various ways. You can use their mobile app, a web portal, or voice commands. This means you can control and monitor your devices from everywhere, at any time.

Vivint Equipment

With Vivint’s equipment, you can make a custom, full home security setup. From advanced cameras for watching over your property to easy home automation management, Vivint brings security and convenience together.

Vivint’s Installation and Support

Vivint’s home security systems need professional installation. Their trained technicians do the job. The start price for installation is $49.99. It can be more based on your system and equipment needs.

vivint installation

If you have any questions about your system, Vivint’s support team can help. They can help you set it up or troubleshoot issues. For anything related to your system or its installation, they’re quick and reliable.

Although, some people have had trouble with Vivint’s customer service. They mention long tech support wait times and billing issues. Yet, Vivint keeps working to make their service better for everyone.

Vivint’s Warranty and Quality

When you buy a home security system, you should look at the warranty and quality. These are what you depend on for safety and peace of mind. Vivint is a top home security company. They offer good warranty coverage and aim for reliable equipment.

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Vivint gives a 120-day warranty on their gear like sensors and cameras. If there are any problems in those first months, Vivint will help you quickly. They’ll fix or replace the equipment for you. They also provide a lifetime warranty on their stuff. This means you can count on their quality and life span.

vivint warranty

Vivint wants to give you strong, trustworthy devices. But, some users have shared worries about device quality and reliability. People have had problems with the equipment soon after it was installed. And this led to bad experiences with how Vivint’s team helped them. This shows how vital it is to fully check the warranty and quality of Vivint’s gear before deciding.

Customer Review: “I had a good start with Vivint. But, a few months later, there were issues with one camera. It took many calls and some wait to fix it. Even after they replaced it, my trust in their equipment’s quality was shaken.”

If you look into Vivint for your security needs, check their warranty and what others say. Think about what matters most to you. Make sure the warranty and the quality of the gear fit what you want from a strong and trustworthy security choice.

Vivint’s Availability and Moving Options

Vivint is known for top-notch home security services across the United States and much of Canada. However, Louisiana is an exception. Service availability can vary, so check in your area.

Planning a move? Vivint has you covered. You can start a new contract and have the latest security tech installed in your new home. This way, you can enjoy top-notch security in your new place.

Or, you can take your current equipment with you, not including the basic system. This saves money and offers the comfort of familiar security features in your new home.

If you’re moving and don’t want to keep your current Vivint contract, you can transfer it to someone else for a fee. This is perfect if you want to share the security benefits with the next homeowner.

Looking to switch to Vivint from another system? They can buy out your current contract, easing your move to their services.

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vivint availability

Vivint aims to serve wherever you are or go. They provide flexible security solutions. This keeps you safe and worry-free, especially when moving.


Vivint is a top name in home security, known for full solutions. They offer tech to secure your home and make life simpler. Yet, a few things need attention.

Some users find Vivint’s prices and rules a bit tricky. They advise understanding the costs and contracts well. This step can avoid surprises later on.

Customer service at Vivint gets mixed reviews. Some aren’t happy with the help they received. Knowing this could help manage expectations.

To pick Vivint or another security firm, do your homework. Think about the prices, contracts, and what people say about service. This will guide you to the right choice.


What credit score do you need for Vivint home security?

You need at least a 600 credit score for Vivint’s services. Your credit will be checked for their FlexPay plan.

What are Vivint’s pricing and contract options?

Vivint has three monitoring levels, priced from .99 to .99 monthly. Equipment costs are extra, but you can pay over 3 to 5 years with FlexPay. Cancellation rules change by area. You can pick a 42 or 60-month contract with FlexPay.

What equipment and features does Vivint offer?

Vivint includes a Smart Hub, sensors, cameras, smart thermostats, and more. It works with Amazon Echo and Google Home for voice control. Use a mobile app, web, or voice to operate it.

How is Vivint’s installation and support?

Professionals install Vivint’s systems, starting at .99 for the service. Pricing changes with system complexity. They offer support, but some customers face wait times with tech support and billing issues.

What is Vivint’s warranty and equipment quality?

Vivint’s equipment has a 120-day and lifetime warranty for quality. Yet, some people have issues with equipment failing or customer service.

Where is Vivint’s home security service available?

Vivint works in all US states, except Louisiana, and much of Canada. Service availability varies locally. If you move, they help transfer or buy out your contract.

How can I contact Vivint for more information?

Visit vivint.com or call Vivint’s customer service at [customer service phone number].
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