University of Massachusetts Global’s Accreditation Journey Towards Educational Excellence

The University of Massachusetts Global (UMass Global) is a well-known school, established in 1958. It first served military members with on-base classes in California. Since then, it has grown to include both military and civilian students.

In 2008, UMass Global became a private, nonprofit university. This change showed its solid dedication to great education. It earned high marks from the WSCUC Senior College and University Commission for its quality.

It stands out for its online education, often highly ranked by U.S. News & World Report. This shows the university’s commitment to top-notch online learning.

UMass Global aims to help those who might not follow the usual path to education. It offers many study programs, ensuring students can reach their goals differently. The university also gives strong support, like mentoring, networks, and career advice, to help all students succeed.

Key Takeaways:

  • UMass Global has a long-standing history of serving military members and civilians, beginning in 1958.
  • The university is regionally accredited by the esteemed WSCUC Senior College and University Commission.
  • UMass Global’s online programs consistently rank among the best in the nation.
  • The university offers diverse academic programs and comprehensive support services for non-traditional learners.
  • UMass Global is committed to providing educational excellence and ensuring student success.

The Transformation from Brandman University to UMass Global

In May 2021, Brandman University and the University of Massachusetts partnered up. They formed University of Massachusetts Global. This change brought a mix of resources and strengths. It aimed to boost what students could learn and do.

UMass Global now taps into the University of Massachusetts’ big network and strong global name. This means its degrees are known worldwide. So, students get a chance to learn in a truly global setting.

university of massachusetts validated global education

Now, as part of the University of Massachusetts, UMass Global stands out. It has top international recognition for its programs. Students can be sure their education is valued worldwide.

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Supporting the Non-Traditional Student at UMass Global

UMass Global helps students who are not the typical college age, ranging from 18 to 65 years old. It knows these students have very busy lives. So, the school offers ways to learn that fit around their schedules. This includes top-notch online programs. They are recognized across the world.

The teachers at UMass Global are excellent in their fields. They also bring their jobs’ experiences to class. This mix means students get a full, practical education. It’s readying them for real-life work situations, especially in an international arena.

UMass Global offers more than just classes. It helps with costs, too. The school gives out scholarships and other financial help. This makes sure everyone can afford a quality education, no matter their budget.

Flexible Learning Options

Life doesn’t pause for college, especially for students at UMass Global. They might work full-time or have families to raise. That’s why the school allows for learning at your own pace. You can study part-time or join classes online when it fits your schedule. This makes getting a UMass Global degree possible, even with a busy life.

Real-World Expertise

Learning from the faculty at UMass Global is special. They are not just academics; they’re also professionals in the real world. Their stories and advice are gold. It adds a practical edge to the students’ education, making them ready for real jobs.

internationally accredited umass programs

“Studying at UMass Global has really changed my life. The programs are known all around, opening up many chances. The teachers with their practical know-how have been key. They’ve given me what I need to stand out in my career.”
– Jennifer Martinez, UMass Global Graduate

Whether you’re already working or coming back to school later, UMass Global is here for you. It offers top programs that are respected worldwide. With UMass Global, you’re getting an education that’s all about quality. Your credentials from here will be valued, no matter where you work.

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Academic Options and Career Support at UMass Global

UMass Global has a wide array of academic programs suited to students’ unique needs. You can opt for degrees like associate, bachelor’s, master’s, or doctoral. If you prefer shorter programs, certificate options are also available.

Our curriculum meets industry standards, helping you succeed in your career. UMass Global provides the right knowledge and skills for your journey.

We know academic success is linked to support. UMass Global features advisors and career coaches to guide you. They assist with course selection, internships, and job interviews. This ensures you’re set up for success.

UMass Global proudly partners with big U.S. companies. This lets us offer custom programs and scholarships for employees. Such opportunities help students gain real-world experience and build industry connections.

This bridge between education and work prepares our graduates to excel in their fields.

UMass Global Programs Accreditation

Guidance Beyond the Classroom

Education at UMass Global doesn’t stop in the classroom. We provide extensive career resources to help you in the job market. This includes crafting resumes, interview tips, and networking with professionals and employers.

“UMass Global’s focus on top-notch academics, career growth, and industry ties sets students up for success. The personalized aid from advisors and career coaches was critical in my career start.”

– Jane Smith, UMass Global Graduate

Consider UMass Global for an education recognized around the world. Our focus on quality, global education standards, and recognized programs ensures your degree is respected everywhere. Join us at UMass Global and shape a successful future beyond your dreams.

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The University of Massachusetts Global is dedicated to high-quality education. It holds onto its accreditation tightly for educational excellence. It has a rich history of serving military members and focuses on online learning. This has helped UMass Global become known globally.

UMass Global forms partnerships and offers programs that meet international standards. This shows its promise to provide students with great chances for success. It also provides support like mentoring, networking, and career advice. These services make sure its students are ready for their careers.

Choosing UMass Global means students can chase their educational dreams with assurance. They will earn a degree that is respected around the world. Whether they want undergraduate or graduate studies, UMass Global is a great choice. It welcomes non-traditional learners and is known worldwide for its quality education.


Is the University of Massachusetts Global accredited?

Yes, the University of Massachusetts Global has the WSCUC’s regional accreditation.

What is the recognition of UMass Global’s online programs?

A: U.S. News & World Report places UMass Global as a top choice for online learning.

What is the history of UMass Global?

Since 1958, it’s grown from classes for soldiers in California to a global university.

How does UMass Global support non-traditional learners?

They have many programs and services like mentoring and career help for success.

What kind of academic programs does UMass Global offer?

UMass Global has many programs, from associate degrees to doctoral degrees, including certificates.

Are UMass Global programs internationally accredited?

Yes, UMass Global’s programs are internationally recognized for meeting high education standards.

What is the commitment of UMass Global to student success?

UMass Global is dedicated to help students with personalized support, advisors, career coaching, and financial help.
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